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Bunker Covers

  • Unique co-extruded, 3-ply structure engineered for durability and cost effectiveness

  • Black side for maximum opacity, white side for sun reflectivity and UV protection

  • 5 and 6 mil thicknesses are available for all sizes

  • Highly resistant to punctures and tears and safe to walk on

  • Guaranteed UV stable for 18 months even in the harshest weather

  • 100% virgin LDPE that is completely recyclable


  • Patented folding pattern eliminates the need for adhesives, allows quick and easy application

  • 2 mil oxygen barrier excludes up to 20 times more oxygen than black and white silage cover alone

  • 6 mil black and white bunker cover protects the oxygen barrier, resisting punctures and tears

  • Black and white bunker cover reflects sunlight and is guaranteed UV stable for 18 months

  • Both the oxygen barrier and bunker cover layers are completely recyclable

Oxygen Barriers

  • Specialized nylon construction for durability with outstanding oxygen barrier properties.

  • Engineered to quickly conform to the contours of your silage pile and eliminate air pockets.

  • Blocks up to 20 times more oxygen transmission than standard black and white bunker cover alone.

Silage Bags/Grain Bags

  • Tri-extruded: blown triple-layer film for superior strength.

  • UV protection:  built-in protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation; white outside for maximum reflection; black inside for maximum opacity

  • Unique blend of 100% virgin resins - superior tear resistance when feeding out.

Vinyl Tape

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